1. We are in a wilderness area; take care of the natural surroundings. Disrespecting this will result in a penalty or disqualification. Trash can only be disposed at aid stations.
  2. Respect the other runners and the volunteers. They are there to help you.
  3. In a mountain area, weather and conditions can change fast and the race is long. Bring the equipment you think you will need to be safe. Only a wind jacket is mandatory.
  4. The race is semi-autonomous. There are few aid stations (food and water). Think about the food and liquid you need.
  5. No external aid is permitted out of aid stations points.
  6. No doping is permitted.
  7. In case injury or danger to another runner, you will need to help until the rescue arrives.
  8. The direction of the race has the authority to modify the route in case of bad conditions.
  9. If you decide to stop the race you need to communicate to a race volunteer or the organizer.
  10. Responsibility: The Organization declines any responsibility in case of accident, neglect, as well as of the objects of each participant. Participants will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to themselves and others.

Enjoy yourself!!