Hamperokken Skyrace

Hamperokken SkyRace A technical run to join the 2 summits, with everything Skyrunning has to offer. Will be part of Extreme Skyrunning World series.

57km – 4800m elevation – V technical level

2 summits (Tromsdalstinden 1238m and Hamperokken 1404m)


 3 km of road – 9 km trail – 25km technical trail – 6km off trail – 5km technical ridge (III climbing degree)

4 aidstations: Fjellheisen (km 5), Route Breivikeidet (km 17 and 30) and Fjellheisen (km 48)

Cut-off times: 3h Tromsdalstind (if you don’t reach you can continue in miniskyrace). 5h Route Breivikeidet (If you don’t reach you can climb up Tromsdalstinden and finish). 6h at the beginning of Hamperokken ridge. 8h at Breivikeidet on the way back. The finish time is 13h.

The start is at Hotel The Edge in Tromsø. 



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TromdalstindenTromsdalstinden: 1238m  Sálašoaivi or Sálaščohkka, is an iconic summit visible from Tromsø. The trail to climb the summit is not really technical, with a first part on grass hills and then a rocky large ridge. The downhill is on a steeper rocky trail before easy zig zags trail to the hut. The views from the summit, with Tromsø city and the fjords on the north and Hamperokken and Lyngen on the south made this mountain one of the most gorgeous landscapes of the area. 


Hamperokken: 1404m Gáranasčohkka, is the highest mountain peak on the mainland peninsula west of the Ullsfjorden. The trail to climb the mountain starts around sea level and climbs to 1000m on a easy grass and rock slope to the first summit of the ridge, then it follows a 5 kilometers rocky ridge with some easy technical passages that can require to put the hands (mostly if it’s wet or raining!) Last 50m to the summit are a short scrambling to the top, You need to be carefully, it’s exposed. The downhill is on a loose rock steep couloir until reach the valley. The summit designs a long ridge culminated by a thin characteristic aiguille. Being on the center of Ullsfjorden, the views of Lyngen on the east and all the Tromsø mountains around gives us a big wilderness feeling.