We see that the situation for holding an international event the coming summer is somewhat uncertain. We have therefore decided to plan this year’s event as a primarily national event. We will give international participants the chance to use their spot in 2022.

Registration will open as planned below:

1) Pre-registration for Hamperokken 2021 will be available between March 8th-April 8th FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY ONLY!

2) Pre-registration for Hamperokken 2022 will occur at a later date FOR INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS.

3) Registration for Tromsdalstind Skyrace and Bønntuva Skyrace will open on April 8th FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY.

4) International athletes who qualify for Hamperokken Skyrace as participants of the Skyrunner World Series will be able to compete provided they can legally and safely travel to Norway.

5) If travel restrictions have been removed and we feel that it is responsible to invite international participants to our event, then we hope to be able to open registration for international residents for Tromsdalstind Skyrace and Bønntuva Skyrace at a later date.

You will receive separate emails with links to registration for Hamperokken 2021 and Hamperokken 2022.

Link to registration:

Registration for Blåmann VK:

Refund Policy

There are no registration refunds or transfers for any of the Tromsø Skyrace races.

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