There are many ways to enjoy watching and cheering for Tromsø Skyrace!  Here are some tips:

Fjellheisen: All racers pass this point twice. There is an aid station here, so it is possible to provide external aid to racers at this point. About 30 minute hike, or you can take the cable car. Info here: http://www.fjellheisen.no/en

Breivikeidet: This is the road crossing for the Hamperokken Skyrace that the racers pass twice. There is also an aid station here. It is approximately a 25 minute drive from Tromsø. Public busses pass by, but not very often. Check Tromskortet for more information.

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A – marks aid stations             C – marks check points


If you want to hike, then heading to the top of Tromsdalstind gives you great views and fun terrain. Following the gravel road in Tromsdalen(the valley) gives you a shorter route to the summit than the race course.