Before Registration


Please read with attention and answer the questions below before continuing with your registration.

Hamperokken SkyRace crosses some technical ridges and steep fields (snow and rocky) so you must be prepared for that and have the technical skills and experience for this terrain. If you are not ready for you can join Tromsdalstind SkyRace and train in technical terrain for next year!

  • Do you understand the risks in hight mountains (as rocks fall, wet rocks, steep snow fields…)?
  • Are you prepared to the hard weather conditions (cold, snow, rain…)?
  • Have you been doing some scrambling routes grade III?
  • Have you been racing technical races as Troffeo KIMA or Glen Coe Skyline?
  • Do you have a knowledge on alpine areas (moving in ridges, steep hard snow…)?
  • Do you understand that in case of accident it can take some time to reach you and you are prepared to wait for that?