Important information regarding aid stations for Tromsø Skyrace 2021!

We will be making some changes to our aid stations this year. Please read the detailed information below. 

Hamperokken Skyrace: 

-There will be no food/water available at the Fjellheisen at the start of the race, but there will be some fruit and bars available the second time you pass the Fjellheisen. 

-Breivikeidet aid station will this year be a “drop-point”. This means that you will turn in a bag at the start of the race that will be transported to Breivikeidet. You will be able to pack your own personally desired food/drink or other gear that can be accessed when passing Breivikeidet. There will not be any available food/water from the organizer here. There is water at river crossings shortly before and after the aid station.

-This will also be an opportunity to send any extra clothing that may be useful if you should not reach a cut-off time at Breivikeidet. We will assist with transportation back to The Edge, but there can be some waiting time. 

Tromsdalstind Skyrace and Bønntuva Skyrace:

-There will be bars and fruit available at the Fjellheisen, but a more limited selection than earlier years.

 -There will be water available, but we recommend racers to use the brook crossings on the course below the Fjellheisen. 

-All racers will receive a soft-flask from Dynafit! This is great to use to fill water along the course!

-All racers will receive a warm meal from Real Turmat at the finish.