Update on registration 2021

Exciting news!

Based on the updated travel regulations concerning covid-19, we have decided to open up registration for Tromsø Skyrace 2021 for foreign residents! This applies to Hamperokken Skyrace, Tromsdalstind Skyrace and Bønntuva Skyrace. Each racer is responsible for following the current rules set by the Norwegian government regarding vaccine, quarantine, testing and documentation. Tromsø Skyrace has a “no refund policy”, and this applies to any changes that may occur that will affect traveling to Norway.  Use this website to keep yourself informed and updated about the current regulations:  https://www.fhi.no/en/op/novel-coronavirus-facts-advice/facts-and-general-advice/entry-quarantine-travel-covid19 . Tromsø skyrace will not be able to answer questions about this. 

Racers who have been promised spots in 2022 are still guaranteed pre-registration for the race next year. 

We really hope to be able to welcome you to Tromsø in august and hope that each athlete shows responsibility and respect for the current situation and the regulations set in place. 

Best regards,

Tromsø Skyrace Organizing Team