Tromsø Skyrace 2020 canceled

Tromsø Skyrace 2020 is canceled due to the Covid-19 situation. 
We will not be refunding registration fees, but will be donating these to the Red Cross. We hope you understand our decision and appreciate our support of the volunteer work done by the Red Cross both locally and internationally. Our local Red Cross has lost much of its funding due to canceled events, but they are still contributing to safety in the mountains. They are also volunteering to help testing of patients at the hospital and transporting patients to and from the hospital. We will pay our normal event fee to the local Red Cross, and the rest of income from registration will be donated to the Red Cross’s crisis help for international projects.
Runners who are registered for Hamperokken Skyrace 2020 will be guaranteed a spot in Hamperokken Skyrace 2021. They will receive information about pre-registration in January. There will be no limit on registration for Blåmann Vertical, Tromsdalstind Skyrace and Bønntuva Skyrace, so runners will be guarenteed spots for these races next year.
Tromsø Skyrace 2021 will be held Saturday, August 7th, 2021. Blåmann Vertical will be held Thursday, August 5th.
We are sad to not be seeing you this summer, but hope to see you in 2021!